Canadian Foiling Centre is currently offering two levels of foiling courses; Try-to-Fly and Learn-to-Fly. Whichever course is right for you there will be an instructor and a coach boat with you. You will stay in communication with the instructor by head set and be able to view video footage to observe your progress.  The F101 is designed for foiling solo but may be sailed with a crew, or 'two-up', for double-handed foiling.


See the ABOUT page for video of our training boat the F101.

Pre-requisite ability: is confident helming a dinghy and can sheet to tiller hand proficiently.

Recommended gear: wetsuit, dinghy boots, dinghy PFD (Transport Canada, CCG approved)


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TRY-to-FLY  2hours

Basic introduction to foiling.

The boat will be set up by instructor and transferred to you on water for your foiling fun.

ratio 1 instructor:3 students

Cost: $200/person

LEARN-to-FLY 3days

Learn to launch, foil, and land.

Over three days(15hours) you will learn foiling theory, and techniques to help you sustain flight and prepare you to attempt more complex foiling maneuvers. 

Individual ratio: 1 instructor:2 students

Cost: $800/individual

Group ratio 1 instructor:3 students

Cost: $1800/group

Private/Group lessons

       Individualized lessons can be 

       organized through contacting