Canadian Foiling Centre is a not-for-profit company created to promote foiling participation through courses and events. All foiling vessels - kites, windfoilers, dinghies, and multi-hulls are included in the vision to develop their sports.

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Sue Fraser



Sailing and racing dinghies as a youth, Sue became a Senior Instructor and coordinated Ontario Sailing centres, in Toronto and Thunder Bay. Moving into keel boat racing Sue competes in multiple long distance and offshore Great Lakes and Caribbean regattas, and has won three Women's National Keel boat Championships. Becoming a foiling instructor presented itself as a possibility and became a reality  through training at Provela foiling centre in Spain. As a life long educator teaching future foilers is a good fit.


Ross Cameron


Ross has competed, supported and organized the sport of sailing locally for over 65 years. He has been a board member of the Kingston Yacht Club, Chairman of CORK, initiated the CORK Youth Festival, developed the Ontario Sailing Race Management Training Program. In 1992 Ross was given a Canada 125 medal from the Governor General of Canada and in 1995 Ross was recognized with Sail Canada’s most prestigious award for contributions he made as a builder within the sport of sailing. 


John Angus


John possesses a wide variety of hands-on business experience, including being CEO or serving on the boards of over thirty private and public companies in sectors as diverse as Gold mining, metal distribution, deep sea operations, logistics, chemical, medical,  electronics, franchising, environmental, high speed marine hull designs, and many not-for-profit and financial institutions.  John has been a life-long sailor as a member of Hudson Yacht Club, and is a former officer of the Kingston Yacht Club Board of Directors.


                  OUR TRAINING DINGHY - F101


A foiling dinghy designed specifically for sailors, who thought they would never have a foiling experience and for those who wish to progress to foiling mastery.

The F101 trimaran design provides stability when heeling to windward or leeward and when coming off the foils. This accelerates the learning process because more time is spent on the boat, not recovering from a capsize.


The F101 foils in as little as 6-8 knots of breeze, reaching boat speeds up to 25knots.  These factors all combine to make the F101 safe, fast, and fun.

Do a TRY-to-FLY 2hour session or a LEARN-to-FLY 3 day session or even arrange a private lesson. 


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